Under the Umbrella of a Pro Pet Sitter: Meet Carrie Pawpins!

I’m Carrie Seay, owner of Carrie Pawpins, Pet Nanny, in Scottsdale, AZ.  We service North Scottsdale, Northeast Phoenix, and Paradise Valley with pet sitting, animal behavior, and pet nutrition services.

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I have lived in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas for most of my life after moving here with my family in grade school.

Working with animals has always been a passion of mine. I started volunteering with a local rescue group with fostering kittens and helping at adoption events when I was younger.  I have still not figured out how I managed to convince my parents to let me foster kittens- we had over 150 cats and kittens come through our home during my middle school and high school years!

My first “real” job was at PetSmart and from there I continued to work at other animal related places like a doggy day care and a veterinary office. I gained a lot of experience learning about dogs and cats at each of my jobs.

I attended Northern Arizona University and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2010.  Throughout college I worked at various veterinary clinics in Flagstaff during the school year and then in Scottsdale during summer and holiday breaks.  After college, I decided to move back to the valley and continue working as a veterinary technician.

I started Carrie Pawpins, Pet Nanny in 2012 while I was working as a veterinary technician because our clients needed someone they could trust and that had animal medical knowledge to care for their pets.  The more I worked with animals in various capacities the more I wanted to learn about their behavior.  I decided to pursue my Master’s in Companion Animal Behavior and Counseling and studied to become a Certified Behavior Consultant- Canine, Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA).

I learned a lot about different training techniques through my education and by working with other trainers and behaviorist.  I became a member of the Pet Professional Guild when I realized using force free, science based training methods was the most humane and effective way to train pets.  I then decided to go one step further and become Fear Free certified.

With this certification, I want to be able to share my knowledge of how to reduce stress and fear for pets with veterinary clinics since I still have a connection with the clinics I have worked at.  Most recently I have delved into the world of pet nutrition.  I decided to join a company called pawTree after I learned about their wonderful products and company.  Its amazing how good nutrition can help to change the behavior as well as appearance of our pets!

 The name, Carrie Pawpins, Pet Nanny, was inspired by Mary Poppins, of course! She was the caregiver, but she was so much more than that! She worked with the children to improve their behavior, changed their attitudes, and overall helped the entire household and became a part of the family.

 I want to be able to do that for pets and their people.  By combining pet sitting, behavior services, and nutrition services I am able to help with so many aspects of pet care.  The other nannies and I love spending time with all of the pets we get the pleasure of caring for and also enjoy getting to know the pet parents!

 I will be providing fun stories, educational tips on animal behavior, nutrition tips, and talk about many other pet related topics through this blog.  Feel free to leave comments to let me know what would interest you!

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