[Pet Expert] Cat Crib Product Review

When I was at CatCon®  a few weeks back I took the opportunity to purchase a few products to try with my girls.  One of the first items I picked up is called Cat Crib™.  This is essentially a hammock for your cat that can be attached under most chairs and end tables with 4 legs.

It is purrfect for those cats that like to have a hangout in a space that is a bit more enclosed while still allowing them easy access to see everything or leave if needed.  It is raised off the ground and it cradles them a bit when they are laying in it.

The packaging is very simple and has a small opening where you can see the color and feel the product.  I chose the black Cat Crib™ as I knew it would go with everything no matter where I put it in the house.

bianca in cat crib
Bianca enjoying her new CatCrib

When I got home from CatCon® I decided to give it a try right away.  I opened the packaging and laid out the Cat Crib™.  You are supposed to lay it in the center under the chair. Then wrap the straps around the chair legs.

One side of the straps has a rubber section that should be placed against the chair or table legs to keep it from sliding.  The other side is Velcro so that you can secure the strap to itself.  Bianca was not very helpful in the process of securing the straps to the chair legs so that made the process much harder than it really should have been!

Once I had the straps secured on all 4 legs, Bianca was happy to jump right in.  The chair I used has very thin legs. So there is a decent amount of strap that is not attached itself. So she also thought that those were a bonus toy.

The length of the strap would allow them to be used with thicker chair legs- I just do not have any in my house.

Next, I decided to test the weight limitations of the Cat Crib™ next. Since Bianca is not a fair judge of that as she weighs in at only about 7lbs.  I added two 10lb dumb bells.  Before I added the dumb bells, I did move the Cat Crib™ up higher on the chair legs.

So it would not be resting on the foot bar of the chair.  Again, being such a great helper, Bianca jumped right in.  The Cat Crib™ did not slip at all with the 27lbs of weight in it. Not even when Bianca jumped in or out.

bianca in cat crib with weights
Testing the weight limits of the CatCrib
bianca in cat crib
Bianca using her CatCrib to look outside

Overall, Bianca has enjoyed the Cat Crib™.  Inside where the cats lay has a soft fleece lining which is her favorite type of substrate to lay on.  Fiona did not interact with the Cat Crib™ that I have seen, but I was not expecting her too either.

The Cat Crib™ is well made and held up to the weight that I added. Bianca has continued using to bird watch and to play with the excess strap.  It is easy to clean the floor under it even while Bianca is sleeping.  I purchased it for $20 and I would say that the price is reasonable for the quality and durability of the product. As long as Bianca continues using it as she has been.