Carrie Pawpins has gone to the cats!

Recently, we have made some changes at Carrie Pawpins and one of the biggest ones is that we are only accepting new CAT clients!

Why only cats?

A few people have questioned this decision that was made so I want to take a second to explain the decision.  We have decided to make our services more specialized and just focus on our feline friends.  We know that when we narrow our focus to just working with cats we will be able to provide better quality of care and also be able to educate our staff to be the premier cat sitting team in the valley.

We know that cats prefer to be cared for by people that understand their body language, their wants, and their needs.  Some people that consider themselves “dog people” may not be as in tune to a cats language.  We understand the language of cats because we are cat people!

Our sister company, Purrfect Behavior, works with cat behavioral issues and specializes in solving problem behaviors as well as trick training and educational seminars for cat owners.  The company’s work hand in hand purrfectly!

We are excited to move forward as your cat experts to provide the best possible care for your cats in the comfort of your home.