Top 5 Common Cat Myths [You didn’t Know]

Cat MythsThere are so many myths that I have heard over the years about cats. Most of these come from people who have never owned a cat or have had a bad experience with them. Let’s talk about 5 common myths and what is really true about cats!

1. Cats don’t need exercise

-Cats do need exercise even though it may not be in the way that you think about exercising a dog. For cats, we use playtime as exercise time and there are many different styles of toys to use and you may have to test a few in order to find the one that fits your cats play style.

Many cat owners end up with obese cats with other medical issues because they do not play with their cat enough and provide that exercise time. And remember that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise and often times they can go hand in hand.

2. Cats don’t like to be cuddly, you should get a dog if you want a friendly companion

-People are often very surprised when I say that my cats wait for me by the door when I come home, or they sleep with me in bed. Cats can be very affectionate animals and proper socialization can help to make them more friendly with people and other animals.

3. Cats purr only when they are happy

-Cats purr in a number of different situations. Some happy and some stressful. It is not fully understood why a cat purrs but my thought is that it is self-soothing. When they are happy they are expressing their contentment and when they are stressed or not feeling well, say at the vet’s office, they are attempting to calm themselves. Mother cats also purr to soothe their young.

4. Outdoor cats are happier than indoor cats

-There is a big misconception that cats should be allowed outdoors because they will be happier being able to roam. The reality is that outdoor cats have shortened lifespans due to animal predators, unkind people, and disease.

Outdoor cats have to deal with so many risks to their health and life on a daily basis that to me, as a cat owner, I would never want to put my cat in that type of potential harmful situation. What you can do to make your indoor cat happier is enrich their environment. Make being inside just as exciting as being outside.

5. Cats can’t be trained

-People often think only dogs can be trained, but did you see that video going around on Facebook recently of the cats ringing the bells to get treats? Super cute! And it just goes to show everyone that cats can be trained just as easily as dogs.

Often times it can be more difficult to find a cats motivation, but do not give up! My cats know how to sit, come, and Fiona and Bianca will both give kisses too!

These are just a few of the most common myths that I have heard or seen people talking about recently. There are many more myths about cats that we can debunk, so stay tuned for a parts 2 and 3!