Cat Training & Behavior Modification


Our feline behavior services are provided by the owner and behavior consultant, Carrie.  She has a passion for working with cats and has experience handling  a variety of issues.  Carrie works with force free, science based methods when training and doing behavior modification. These Feline Behavior Modification and Cat Training Services are available in North Scottsdale and Phoenix. 

Areas she can help:

  • Aggression
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Litter Box Problems
  • Scratching
  • New Pet Introductions
  • Anxiety
  • Kitten Kindergarten (Kitten Socialization)

Most feline behavioral issues are not solved with just one visit or conversation so the packages are designed for on going support to help you work through the behavioral issues that you are facing.

Phone and skype consultations are available for those clients who are dealing with behavioral issues that are less complex or wishing to have a conversation about preventing future behavioral issues.

30 minute phone/skype consultation: $40

60 minute phone/skype consultation: $75

In Person Consultation: $125

1 Month Support Package: $200

  • 1 in home consultation
  • 1 month of unlimited email support
  • 1-60 minute phone call 2 weeks after consultation

2 Month Support Package: $250

  • 1 in home consultation
  • 2 months of unlimited email support
  • 2- 60 minute phone calls 3 weeks and 6 weeks after consultation

3 Month Support Package: $300

  • 1 in home consultation
  • 3 months of unlimited email support
  • 3- 60 minute phone calls 3, 6, and 9 weeks after consultation

Support Packages including in home consultations are available to clients in the Phoenix metro area, Northern Arizona*, and Tucson/Southern Arizona*.

Packages also available for those outside of the service area via phone/zoom.  Call or email for a quote.  

*Northern Arizona and Tucson/Southern Arizona in person consultations are offered on a monthly basis according to my travel schedule.  If you are in need of immediate services please contact me about setting up a phone or skype consultation.

Schedule Your Feline Behavior Modification Services in North Scottsdale & Phoenix Here 

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