Elizabeth M., Scottsdale, AZ

Some call me a "Crazy Cat Mom."  Others just use the "Crazy Cat Lady" title.  Long story short, when I go out of town I need someone who I trust 100% with my little ones.

I also love my home and my privacy so when looking for a person to care for my fur babies my standards skyrocket very quickly because it also means I need to trust this person/company with my home.  Yes, it is to a point where I should probably dial it back or seek professional help but I don't care.  My cats rock and I love them and I have faith that there are good people/companies out there who can get the job done right.

This is where Carrie Pawpins comes in.  I met Carrie because we both come from a profession in the animal world.  I immediately connected with her and could tell this was a girl who didn't mess around.  I worked with her on a professional level for a while and she was one of the people I went to when looking for a cat sitter.  I had no idea that she provided this service I simply was asking because I valued her professional opinion.  I was SO EXCITED when I found out it would be her taking point in caring for my furries!

I have since used Carrie Pawpins on multiple occasions.  I can share that she along with her fabulous staff are AWESOME!!  I can leave for vacation without a single worry.  I also get wonderful pictures and updates on how my little ones are doing while I am away.

I would HIGHLY recommend Carrie Pawpins and her entire staff to care for any pet out there!


Thank you sooooo much for all you have done to make Mia & Riva feel right at home whenever we leave town. We ALWAYS come home to happy girls and, not to mention, our home is left SUPER clean. To not have to worry on a trip or getting home from a trip about the girls or our home is the best feeling in the world! We feel like you are a part of the family - what would we do without you in our lives? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With Love, The Wilsons

Carrie Pawpins offers professional care and attention to my animals when I am traveling and away. Carrie has provided care to my very precious and special "fur kids." When I am out of town, I depend on an attentive and reliable person to provide my pets with care. I have trusted Carrie to provide care for my dog, Jet and my cats, Peanut & Smokey. Each visit, Carrie takes care of Jet, Peanut and Smokey, giving me the peace of mind that they are in good care. When needed, Carrie has administered medications to my pets.  Smokey, a diabetic and asthmatic kitty, required daily insulin shots and very specific care. Carrie's background as a Veterinary professional, has allowed me to trust her experience and ability to tend to my pets with special needs. It takes a very special person, to care for animals, as if they are their own. I have found that trust in Carrie and recommend her services to other animal owners needing care for their pets.

- E. Lyon

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