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Your cat is a beloved member of your family and we understand how difficult it can be to leave them behind for extended periods of time. You need a professional you can count on to ensure your cat's well-being and happiness so that you can enjoy your time away from home worry-free.

As a certified pet behaviorist, experienced veterinary technician and lifetime animal lover, Carrie is here to alleviate all of your concerns. Her experience as a behaviorist allows her to easily identify and reduce any stress or fear that your cat may be experiencing in your absence. Her background as a vet tech and license in pet CPR and first aid qualify her to administer medications, meet your cat's special needs and guarantee your cat receives the best care in the event of an emergency. All of our nannies are highly qualified and work closely with Carrie, so you can be assured your cat will always receive the same high-level of care.

We will always strive to make your cat as comfortable as possible while you are away. In our initial meet and greet, we will take a full assessment of your cat's diet, medical needs and normal routine, so we can stick to the lifestyle that your cat has become accustomed to on a daily basis. During each visit, our nannies will provide your cat with lots of love and play and make sure they are eating their normal food and treats. We provide regular litter box cleaning and deep cleaning and will always inspect your home at the end of each visit to ensure it is free of potential cat hazards. Our nannies will send you updates with pictures and videos of your cat as frequently as you'd like, so you can still see your furry friend every day.

Why choose in-home cat sitting over a boarding facility?

If you want to provide your cat with the most comfortable and stress-free experience possible while you are away, then in-home cat sitting is the best choice for you. That is why we only offer in-home visits. Traveling to a boarding facility puts your cat in a new place, surrounded by unknown animals. These factors compound with your absence to create a high stress environment. We make it a top priority to follow the routine your cat is used to as closely as possible so they can stay happy and stress-free. Your cat will thank you for choosing Carrie Pawpins!

Services & Rates

All visits/stays are all inclusive - no extra charge for multiple cats (up to 4), medication or special instructions. Please contact us for a quote if you have more than four cats.

30 minute cat sitting visit

30-Minute Visit


Thirty minutes is the minimum length for our cat sitting visits. We require at least one 30 minute visit per 24 hours while you are away, but can visit more frequently upon request.

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60 minute cat sitting visit

60-Minute Visit


Sixty minute visits are available for cats that require additional care or special instructions. We will provide you with the best option for your cat(s) based on our assessment during our intial meet and greet.

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Key Pick-Up and Drop-Off


Cat sitting clients have the option of providing us with 2 copies of the house key to keep at the initial consultation. If a client wishes to have the key picked up and dropped off before and after every booking then this fee will apply.

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cat sitting meet and greet

Initial Meet & Greet


We offer a complimentary initial meet and greet for all cat sitting services to meet the cats, go over the routine, as well as obtain keys. If a client wishes to have an additional meet and greet to update a sitter the "Key pick up & Drop off" fee will apply.

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